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This collection began as a reflection on my hikes to the sea through rich, dark, ancient rainforests on the wild western edge of Vancouver Island. They are an effort to capture the fullness of my experience. These patinaed sterling pieces are patterned with leaves and sometimes fern fronds - they grow to mammoth proportions there, and often feature naturally buffed stones found from the creeks to the shore edges - their shapes, colors and surfaces so beautiful and deserving of recognition. Semi precious cabochons provide accent and counterbalance, inspired by the colorful tapestry of the surrounding landscape. In a nod to the graphic imagery of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations, whose presence is strongly felt throughout the West Coast, heavy stamped polished curves lend strength, energy and a contemporary edge. It was a privilege to have experienced such sacred spaces. Retail price range: $68 - $710.



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