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About Me

As a child I recognized a sense of balance and presence whenever I was engaged in a creative process that required working with my hands.  There was an awareness that the actual process carried as much gratification as the end result.  Whether drawing nature studies, sewing my own clothes, helping my dad build projects in his workshop,  even just folding origami cranes - designing, creative problem solving, and crafting by hand brought a penetrating reward. 


Following this lead I pursued a Bachelor of  Fine Arts degree, graduating in 1981 from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  For nearly 25 years I built a professional career in graphic design, advertising and promotional marketing. While my work certainly revolved around the creative process, something was missing.


Then in 1999 after moving to Western North Carolina with my husband - like most folks we were drawn to the beauty of these ancient mountains - I enrolled in my first bench jewelry class, and I knew I'd come home. For more than 20 years I have fueled this passion with continued classes, workshops and countless studio hours.  


Now I am a full time metalsmith with a home studio overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains - a space I have willingly shared with sassy, charming, and immensely intelligent cats.




The Southern Highland Craft Guild

Peidmont Craftsman Guild

Carolina Designer Craftsmen

hand crafted by Kim Thompson

“Mindful attentiveness to subtle detail,

an abiding reverence for and connection to

 Nature in all its diversity,

and an awareness of the sublime beauty and timeless elegance inherent in simplicity –

                             these elements form the core

of my approach to design.”


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